Shrooms | Amazonian Magic Mushroom Chocolates 1000MG




Do Shroom Edibles Work

Do shroom edibles work Magic Mushrooms are an elegant blend of fair trade organic cocoa and Amazonian magic mushrooms offering an extraordinary taste followed by a whole aromatic range of warm notes. Perfect for sharing a trip with friends.

-1 gram of magic mushrooms.
-Each piece contains a dose of 2500mg (total of 4 pieces).

Suggested Dosing: Start low and go slow. Wait 20-40 minutes to feel effects.

Shrooms – Amazonian Magic Mushroom Chocolates 1000MG are a tasty and convenient way to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of magic mushrooms. Each chocolate delivers a hefty 1000MG dose, offering consumers with a dramatic and mind-altering adventure. These chocolates, made from high-quality Amazonian magic mushrooms, have a distinct sweet and earthy flavor that makes eating them a pleasurable experience. The meticulously designed composition offers continuous potency and dependable effects, allowing both novice and experienced users to safely explore their awareness. These chocolates enrich one’s perspective on life by encouraging contemplation, creativity, and spiritual discovery. Shrooms | Amazonian Magic Mushroom Chocolates 1000MG are ideal for alone travels or social gatherings with like-minded persons, and they promise a memorable journey into the regions of the mind. So take a seat,


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