Shrooms | Amazonian Magic Mushroom Grape Gummy Bears 1000MG




Mushroom Edibles Delivery

Mushroom edibles delivery take a trip to a different universe, or want to enhance your day to day reality, Shrooms edibles has you covered. By using the highest quality Amazonian Magic Mushrooms, we have created authentic, yet incredibly delicious edibles to take you wherever your mind wanders.

-1000mg Amazonian Magic Mushroom Grape Gummy Bears
-Each piece is 200mg x 5 pieces

Let’s discuss about these Amazonian Magic Mushroom Grape Gummy Bears from Shrooms! These delightful delights are a game changer for anyone looking to enjoy the joys of magic mushrooms in a pleasant and tasty way. You know you’re in for a wild journey when it’s packed with 1000MG of pure bliss. The Amazonian strain is well-known for its powerful effects, which include mind-bending visions and tremendous euphoria that will knock your socks off. But here’s the best part: they’re available in gummy bear form! Isn’t that amazing? Forget about preparing tea or eating dry mushrooms; with these candies, all you have to do is put one (or two) into your mouth and let the voyage begin. Furthermore, the grape flavor provides an added burst of sweetness to the dish.


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