Alice Grape Mushroom Gummy 2500mg


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Mushroom edibles oregon a trip to a land far beyond your imagination, or want to enhance your day to day reality, Alice has you covered. By using the highest quality Psilocybin Mushrooms, we have created reliably dosed, yet unbelievably delicious edibles to take you wherever your mind wanders.

Treat yourself and chase that white rabbit.
You never know where it might take you.

The Alice Grape Mushroom Gummy 2500mg is a delectable and strong edible with a distinct blend of flavors and effects. The grape flavor is rich and refreshing, making it a pleasure to chew. Each gummy includes 2500mg of mushroom extract, which provides users with a psychedelic high. Because of its potency, it is perfect for experienced users looking for a more intense trip or those trying to explore the depths of their mind. The gummies are meticulously prepared to provide precise dose and consistent results every time. Furthermore, the packaging is unobtrusive and user-friendly, making it simple to transport these treats on your trips. Whether you’re at a music festival or just resting at home, the Alice Grape Mushroom Gummy 2500mg will take you on a magical journey.


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